Factors to keep in mind for your mobile application development

Mobile application development is not an alien term to us anymore. With the advent of smart phones and a dramatic boom in mobile application development that barely spans over the period of 5 years from now, mobile applications have now become a part of our daily lives. With every passing day we get to see advancements in mobile applications that we are using along with newer application coming up with newer features that are bound to leave us all in awe.

The mobile app user of today is learned and knows exactly what he/she wants from a mobile application if they are downloading it. Mobile application design companies and most importantly the app owners should have a clear idea of what their mobile application is going to offer to the user, because an app developed on a vague idea would certainly cause on good to the company who has launched it, more importantly brutally affecting the reputation made already.

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Over marketing, bad marketing:

You don’t really need to promise something that is not in line or probably out of the context of the mobile application. Quiet many times it is seen that mobile application owners tend to brag about their product’s value added benefits and if the product fail to deliver, it creates a really bad impression for the business itself and it loses customer’s trust.

Static app is not a good idea:

Developing and releasing mobile apps is not an easy task. Apps that win over customers and stay in competition are those who receive constant updates and upgrades. Regular updates for features and bug fixes will keep your customer interested in your app. If you choose to let your app go static, is likely you are forcing it into the dungeon of forgotten apps with hundreds of others like it.

Do not over stack the features:

Mobile apps most of the time are developed with so many features that they are not able to functions on their core properly. Too many functions are only going to confuse the user. One must concentrate on the core functionality of the app and should deliver it seamlessly.

App owners make the mistake of approaching mobile application development with the approach similar to that of web app development. The unique features of the application should be identified and developed according to the user’s requirements. Agile and feature rich development is obliged by the users only if the main function is not overlapped by other features.


What perks can a low priced iPhone app developer bring to you?

Yes, we are playing with plain sarcasm in the title, and we will explain it as you read further through the article. The recent development in the mobile application development technologies has given rise to not only many mobile app developing firms but to free lance android and iphone app developers as well. Due to the improved business opportunities that are made available through the app development industry and the strong communication power that mobile applications have in them, businesses and brands across the globe are showing increased interest in getting their apps made in order to connect with their consumers in a more effective way and communicate with them while achieving the main goal for any business i-e revenue generation.


In order to get their app developed businesses usually hire iphone app developers who work freelance thinking that in this way they can save significant cost of their development, which is a misconception only! Free lancers, or should I say novice app developers can definitely save cost of development as they do not charge as much as a professional app developer services but when you work with them you will notice the following issues in your app:

Weak Display – free lance app developers are developers only, which mean they can only develop apps but cannot necessarily design them. In order to get the designs for your app, they will get in touch with a free lance designer just like them. Now when two freelancers combine for a project, is where disasters happen. Since both of them do not coordinate in the design and development process, therefore the app will contain major issues that can be resolved with the help of better communication between the designer and developer. A professional app service leverages the services of app designers and developers at the same time and mostly by the same person, therefore the your app designer and developer knows exactly where to put a button in an app design that also functions seamlessly and is visible to the clients.

Less Functionality – naturally when your app designer and developers are not synchronized they will create an app that will not run with maximum efficiency thus will have functionality issues.

Forget Cross Platform – a professional app development company houses both iphone and android application developers and which is exactly why a professional service can create an app for you that runs on both android and iOS platforms seamlessly, and a free lancer cannot. If you are hiring a freelancer for your application development project then it might cost your cross platform application development.

No Deadlines – since freelancers work from home or from a not so professional office settings they usually have internet issues, power cuts, personal issues and so on. With all these issues they will most likely miss your project deadline and you will have to follow up with them constantly in order to get your app with lowest time wastage. A professional app service does it vice versa!

No Cost Saving – now with all the issues in your application that are mentioned above, when you go to a professional service to get them rectified, they will charge you for that too, which means extra cost. So, did I hear you say you want to save cost initially? Exactly, in order to save cost and get proper app development services, hire iphone app developers from a professional service only. Research on the internet, see portfolios, asks for reviews and I am very sure you won’t be disappointed with the results your shortlisted app service will provide to you, that too in proposed deadlines!