What perks can a low priced iPhone app developer bring to you?

Yes, we are playing with plain sarcasm in the title, and we will explain it as you read further through the article. The recent development in the mobile application development technologies has given rise to not only many mobile app developing firms but to free lance android and iphone app developers as well. Due to the improved business opportunities that are made available through the app development industry and the strong communication power that mobile applications have in them, businesses and brands across the globe are showing increased interest in getting their apps made in order to connect with their consumers in a more effective way and communicate with them while achieving the main goal for any business i-e revenue generation.


In order to get their app developed businesses usually hire iphone app developers who work freelance thinking that in this way they can save significant cost of their development, which is a misconception only! Free lancers, or should I say novice app developers can definitely save cost of development as they do not charge as much as a professional app developer services but when you work with them you will notice the following issues in your app:

Weak Display – free lance app developers are developers only, which mean they can only develop apps but cannot necessarily design them. In order to get the designs for your app, they will get in touch with a free lance designer just like them. Now when two freelancers combine for a project, is where disasters happen. Since both of them do not coordinate in the design and development process, therefore the app will contain major issues that can be resolved with the help of better communication between the designer and developer. A professional app service leverages the services of app designers and developers at the same time and mostly by the same person, therefore the your app designer and developer knows exactly where to put a button in an app design that also functions seamlessly and is visible to the clients.

Less Functionality – naturally when your app designer and developers are not synchronized they will create an app that will not run with maximum efficiency thus will have functionality issues.

Forget Cross Platform – a professional app development company houses both iphone and android application developers and which is exactly why a professional service can create an app for you that runs on both android and iOS platforms seamlessly, and a free lancer cannot. If you are hiring a freelancer for your application development project then it might cost your cross platform application development.

No Deadlines – since freelancers work from home or from a not so professional office settings they usually have internet issues, power cuts, personal issues and so on. With all these issues they will most likely miss your project deadline and you will have to follow up with them constantly in order to get your app with lowest time wastage. A professional app service does it vice versa!

No Cost Saving – now with all the issues in your application that are mentioned above, when you go to a professional service to get them rectified, they will charge you for that too, which means extra cost. So, did I hear you say you want to save cost initially? Exactly, in order to save cost and get proper app development services, hire iphone app developers from a professional service only. Research on the internet, see portfolios, asks for reviews and I am very sure you won’t be disappointed with the results your shortlisted app service will provide to you, that too in proposed deadlines!


What should you choose? Native advertising or content marketing.

We have heard of native advertising and content marketing being used interchangeably. Both of the techniques are completely different from each other and attract different results however, companies across the globe tend to use both of them to gain a more comprehensive access to their customers through their websites. Here we are going to highlight some of the main differences of native v/s content marketing.

What is native advertising?

Native advertising is a form of digital marketing that matches the style and function of the platform it’s on which also makes it hard for readers to understand if its native advertising or just content. However this doesn’t make much difference to the brands as, at the end of the day companies want their customers to know about their product offerings and generate sales.

Native advertising does not disrupt user experience and provides information in a format that is according to the format of the third party website. A very simple form of native advertising can be a paid banner ad that adjusts itself according to the website it is displaying on, on several at one point of time.

Now, a more illustrative form of native advertising could be to make your advertise in a way that it does not look like an ad altogether. Better would be to make it look like an infomercial that will not only educate your customer about you but also attracts their attention due to its rich content.

Brands all across the globe are advised to try native advertising because according to latest researches, 99.8% to be precise, that apparently makes all of them, are ignored by customers. The ones who are also clicked, 50% chances are they are clicked by mistake; therefore adopting a more natural advertising technique to attract your customer is advisable, thus native marketing.

A natural campaign, that doesn’t look like an advertisement is the best approach that native marketing can provide to you. For e.g. the article on Mashable by the famous Purina, this doesn’t looks like a paid ad from any angle yet it attracted attention of so many people that accumulated to more than 25,000 shares on Face Book alone and generated many impressions for the brand.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing can be very easy and tricky at the same time, why? Because content marketing means generating content to attract customers, build interest and induce them to take action. Content marketing include writing web copies and mainly articles that people want to read and that can provide valuable traffic to your websites.

Search engine optimization:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most common form of content marketing that is done through original content with keyword inclusion with which it ranks high on organic results on search engines, thus making your brand visible to the appropriate target market on specific keywords, thus increasing clicks and leads on your websites.

Through this we got to know that native advertising and content marketing are two different ways of online marketing. We can clearly assess now that native marketing is essential when you sell through other websites and ads whereas content marketing is essential when you sell through your own website. Although both are equally great but it is not advisable to choose one for the publicity of your brand, create a mix of marketing strategies using both forms and good business will land on you.

About the author:

Talha Manzoor is a business graduate who works as a brand manager at Amaxza Digital. A mobile application development company that specializes in building apps that are loved by clients, both on Android and iOS platforms. Talha has a fun and frolic personality and he writes about latest in technology and occasionally about nature and human behaviors.