Factors to keep in mind for your mobile application development

Mobile application development is not an alien term to us anymore. With the advent of smart phones and a dramatic boom in mobile application development that barely spans over the period of 5 years from now, mobile applications have now become a part of our daily lives. With every passing day we get to see advancements in mobile applications that we are using along with newer application coming up with newer features that are bound to leave us all in awe.

The mobile app user of today is learned and knows exactly what he/she wants from a mobile application if they are downloading it. Mobile application design companies and most importantly the app owners should have a clear idea of what their mobile application is going to offer to the user, because an app developed on a vague idea would certainly cause on good to the company who has launched it, more importantly brutally affecting the reputation made already.

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Over marketing, bad marketing:

You don’t really need to promise something that is not in line or probably out of the context of the mobile application. Quiet many times it is seen that mobile application owners tend to brag about their product’s value added benefits and if the product fail to deliver, it creates a really bad impression for the business itself and it loses customer’s trust.

Static app is not a good idea:

Developing and releasing mobile apps is not an easy task. Apps that win over customers and stay in competition are those who receive constant updates and upgrades. Regular updates for features and bug fixes will keep your customer interested in your app. If you choose to let your app go static, is likely you are forcing it into the dungeon of forgotten apps with hundreds of others like it.

Do not over stack the features:

Mobile apps most of the time are developed with so many features that they are not able to functions on their core properly. Too many functions are only going to confuse the user. One must concentrate on the core functionality of the app and should deliver it seamlessly.

App owners make the mistake of approaching mobile application development with the approach similar to that of web app development. The unique features of the application should be identified and developed according to the user’s requirements. Agile and feature rich development is obliged by the users only if the main function is not overlapped by other features.


5 New elements you should anticipate on your Facebook timeline shortly

To keep its user base and most importantly user engagement alive that will fuel the future development of the social network through paid advertisement campaigns and community building, Facebook is looking forward to introduce 5 new innovative features to your timelines, soon. Here is their first look for you:


  • Profile picture video
  • Temporary profile pictures
  • Pin featured photos to top of your profile
  • Adding visibility controls and About
  • Mobile centric new design

Let’s now read about each of the element in detail.

Profile picture video:

Very soon you will be able to upload a video instead of a profile picture. You can tap and record a video of up to 7 seconds with sound, however when playing (in loops) like a .gif file, the video will not play the sound until clicked. A static cover image (small thumb nail) you will select will appear everywhere else. The profile videos will look like the Harry Potter newspaper images, that used to suddenly come alive and are definite to bring in a lot of creativity and life to the social media user’s profiles.

Temporary profile pictures:

The official roll-out of the temporary profile picture option is set to happen soon. This option will let you select a profile picture for a specific period of time. For example, certain number of hours, days or weeks. After that it will automatically revert back to your original profile picture set at the time of setting this temporary picture. This feature will be useful for people who are promoting a cause, like in November 2015, people included an impression of the French flag in their profile pictures as part of supporting the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks.

Pin featured photos on top:

Another big feature that is setup to reach your Facebook time line soon is the featured photos that will appear pinned to the top of your timeline. This feature is designated to let you provide more pictorial information about you to people considering your friend request or whom you have just met and both of you are looking for more clues as to understand each other better by looking at your activities signified in the featured pictures. These featured photos could feature your pets, your after work activities, your family times together or whatever you might think can be essential and important to go into the pinned section.

Adding visibility controls and about:

Facebook is now adding controls in sequence with the ‘About’ information fields that will appear on the top of your profile. The information fields that are set on a public status will instantly appear right below your profile picture rather than remaining buried in the About section. You will also be able to describe yourself in a bio-field in up to 100 words. This personal bio will help people who want to connect with you by giving them a more personal insight about you, as long as you keep this section set at public.

Mobile centric new design:

Last but not the least in this current listing of new elements is the mobile centric design. Facebook is now thinking to roll out a lay out that is friendly to iphone and android app design. Instead of pinning the profile picture at left, it will be featured with a bigger size on the center of your mobile device screen. The main sections that will provide information about your friends and photos will be pinned directly below your profile picture and above the time line.

The mobile centric design is also a smarter way Facebook has used to align its business prospects with the user experience. The more people visit Facebook the more they would want to update about them on the social media, so, with the about section on the top it will get easier for the social media to target people who work in a “manufacturing” business located in “San Diego” for example. By pushing the illustrative areas of about you and your featured pictures, Facebook has given a chance to your friends and more importantly o the advertisers to know their prospects in a much better way than before.

How much does it really costs to build an app?

Everyone knows about the famous apps like Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Face Book, Whatsapp, Instagram and the list goes on. What people do not know that there are some really tiring days and nights behind a successful app developed and it takes a lot of courage, passion, enthusiasm and capital to build one. Normally an app owner does not know much about the reins of mobile app development, therefore if you are considering getting made an app for you, consider the following:

How do you find good developers?

The most pragmatic approach for finding good app developers is to check on the awards and distinctions they have won at different forums or have bagged ample press in technology related websites and/or blogs.


Another important factor that you should not miss out is the developer’s skill set. You will get a clear idea of their skills by looking at their app portfolio. If they have more experience on developing simplistic apps, then clearly they are not suitable for your complex app development.

Complete solution or partial development?

Out of 100, 60 app owners who are getting developed their apps from app developers tend to reach out to establish app development companies in the middle of their project. The problem where initially they are not aware of the complete app development process and got carried away with the promises their app developer made with them, but as the time passes they realize that the promises are nothing but zero. So in order to get their apps corrected and launched they come to professional app development companies.


New app owners must understand that creating a polished app is not an easy game. Only the most skilled and professional services are able to create an app for according to your requirements, otherwise your app will bound to land in trouble or lack functionalities. A professional app development service is much better to be hired because of their high skill set and app development techniques that they will bring to the table.

What should you look for in your development team?

If you are thinking that your app development team will only consist of a few developers you are absolutely wrong. There is a list of people involved in your app development process, starting off with user interface and app designers. A UX designer and an app designer can be the same person at any point or different, depends entirely on their skill set. Moving along there are app developers and lastly there are QA specialist that check your app thoroughly for any errors or bugs.

The non-development team will consist of account managers who are responsible for a successful execution of your app projects. The dilemma that many app owners face is the acquisition of the appropriate talent, which I admit is hard to find. But by taking a little bit of pain of researching on the internet, by reading reviews you are more likely to find an appropriate app developer company according to your choice.

What is the average cost of an app?

average_cost_for_appThe average cost of any app greatly depends on its functionalities and features. Simple apps that serve a specific purpose like that of a torch light or a calculator might cost you as low as $3000 and can go up to $100,000 depending on the scope, features and complexities. It also entirely depends on the pricing structure of your mobile app development company. Where freelance app developers are also present to take your project there can be implications that we have discussed earlier. It is usually suggested to go with a professional app development agency to get your app project made and chances are the output will be similar to what you requested.

What perks can a low priced iPhone app developer bring to you?

Yes, we are playing with plain sarcasm in the title, and we will explain it as you read further through the article. The recent development in the mobile application development technologies has given rise to not only many mobile app developing firms but to free lance android and iphone app developers as well. Due to the improved business opportunities that are made available through the app development industry and the strong communication power that mobile applications have in them, businesses and brands across the globe are showing increased interest in getting their apps made in order to connect with their consumers in a more effective way and communicate with them while achieving the main goal for any business i-e revenue generation.


In order to get their app developed businesses usually hire iphone app developers who work freelance thinking that in this way they can save significant cost of their development, which is a misconception only! Free lancers, or should I say novice app developers can definitely save cost of development as they do not charge as much as a professional app developer services but when you work with them you will notice the following issues in your app:

Weak Display – free lance app developers are developers only, which mean they can only develop apps but cannot necessarily design them. In order to get the designs for your app, they will get in touch with a free lance designer just like them. Now when two freelancers combine for a project, is where disasters happen. Since both of them do not coordinate in the design and development process, therefore the app will contain major issues that can be resolved with the help of better communication between the designer and developer. A professional app service leverages the services of app designers and developers at the same time and mostly by the same person, therefore the your app designer and developer knows exactly where to put a button in an app design that also functions seamlessly and is visible to the clients.

Less Functionality – naturally when your app designer and developers are not synchronized they will create an app that will not run with maximum efficiency thus will have functionality issues.

Forget Cross Platform – a professional app development company houses both iphone and android application developers and which is exactly why a professional service can create an app for you that runs on both android and iOS platforms seamlessly, and a free lancer cannot. If you are hiring a freelancer for your application development project then it might cost your cross platform application development.

No Deadlines – since freelancers work from home or from a not so professional office settings they usually have internet issues, power cuts, personal issues and so on. With all these issues they will most likely miss your project deadline and you will have to follow up with them constantly in order to get your app with lowest time wastage. A professional app service does it vice versa!

No Cost Saving – now with all the issues in your application that are mentioned above, when you go to a professional service to get them rectified, they will charge you for that too, which means extra cost. So, did I hear you say you want to save cost initially? Exactly, in order to save cost and get proper app development services, hire iphone app developers from a professional service only. Research on the internet, see portfolios, asks for reviews and I am very sure you won’t be disappointed with the results your shortlisted app service will provide to you, that too in proposed deadlines!

What should you choose? Native advertising or content marketing.

We have heard of native advertising and content marketing being used interchangeably. Both of the techniques are completely different from each other and attract different results however, companies across the globe tend to use both of them to gain a more comprehensive access to their customers through their websites. Here we are going to highlight some of the main differences of native v/s content marketing.

What is native advertising?

Native advertising is a form of digital marketing that matches the style and function of the platform it’s on which also makes it hard for readers to understand if its native advertising or just content. However this doesn’t make much difference to the brands as, at the end of the day companies want their customers to know about their product offerings and generate sales.

Native advertising does not disrupt user experience and provides information in a format that is according to the format of the third party website. A very simple form of native advertising can be a paid banner ad that adjusts itself according to the website it is displaying on, on several at one point of time.

Now, a more illustrative form of native advertising could be to make your advertise in a way that it does not look like an ad altogether. Better would be to make it look like an infomercial that will not only educate your customer about you but also attracts their attention due to its rich content.

Brands all across the globe are advised to try native advertising because according to latest researches, 99.8% to be precise, that apparently makes all of them, are ignored by customers. The ones who are also clicked, 50% chances are they are clicked by mistake; therefore adopting a more natural advertising technique to attract your customer is advisable, thus native marketing.

A natural campaign, that doesn’t look like an advertisement is the best approach that native marketing can provide to you. For e.g. the article on Mashable by the famous Purina, this doesn’t looks like a paid ad from any angle yet it attracted attention of so many people that accumulated to more than 25,000 shares on Face Book alone and generated many impressions for the brand.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing can be very easy and tricky at the same time, why? Because content marketing means generating content to attract customers, build interest and induce them to take action. Content marketing include writing web copies and mainly articles that people want to read and that can provide valuable traffic to your websites.

Search engine optimization:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most common form of content marketing that is done through original content with keyword inclusion with which it ranks high on organic results on search engines, thus making your brand visible to the appropriate target market on specific keywords, thus increasing clicks and leads on your websites.

Through this we got to know that native advertising and content marketing are two different ways of online marketing. We can clearly assess now that native marketing is essential when you sell through other websites and ads whereas content marketing is essential when you sell through your own website. Although both are equally great but it is not advisable to choose one for the publicity of your brand, create a mix of marketing strategies using both forms and good business will land on you.

About the author:

Talha Manzoor is a business graduate who works as a brand manager at Amaxza Digital. A mobile application development company that specializes in building apps that are loved by clients, both on Android and iOS platforms. Talha has a fun and frolic personality and he writes about latest in technology and occasionally about nature and human behaviors.

Monetizing your business through your mobile app from Amaxza Digital

amaxza digital

Lately, I and my friend were discussing over the monetizing capabilities of a mobile app for business. There seem to be a no-end to this discussion but today I will share some highlights of what our discussion was and how did it conclude.

It was a casual meet up at a local fast food restaurant near my place. Matt and I sat comfortably waiting for our orders when suddenly I saw this flyer to download a food chain that the floor cleaner swiped from near our table. Now we discussed on the benefits of a mobile phone application for a business and here I resent to you the crux of it.

Now mobile application development is a topic that has evolved in the past 3-4 years. Mobile applications were by all means are the gift of smart phone technology to us. Since the advent of the first mobile phone application launched, mobile phone application development has came a long way and today its one of the most promising and inspiring industry for many businesses across the globe. Not only that businesses are thriving by developing mobile applications but also that other businesses who they are making applications for are facing some real good trend in terms of revenue generation and online traffic.

Now the first thing that both of us thought is a must for every mobile phone application is user friendliness. I mean, who would want to use a gadget even, let alone mobile apps that are not easy to use. A mobile phone application that makes the activity being done easy and convenient is a sure shot hit within its target market. Imagine whatsapp for that matter, it made short messaging so much more easily and today is the most widely known messaging app all across the globe.

Now comes the main part which is monetizing through your mobile app. For making money out of your mobile app you first need to make it very interactive and secondly you need to have a big customer base or fan following which ever applies. Considering this food app that actually popped up the idea of discussing mobile app on the meet up, we say it has a fan base of more than 5000 individuals within our state. Now 5000 downloads would translate to almost at least 5,000 orders if every person orders only one time through this app in a given month. If every order cost $1, it means earning of $5,000, but this is not as easy as it sounds. If only this business has undergone vital research before launching this app and that the app is also user friendly and above all offers a service that is yet to be tapped by any other business, this is a sure shot win. Otherwise there are other strategies that the business has to look forward too in order to achieve what they desire through their mobile phone application.

With this, our food ended, and so was our discussion. Looking forward to meet Matt again, at some other weekend and provide you our insight over some other topic.

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