Factors to keep in mind for your mobile application development

Mobile application development is not an alien term to us anymore. With the advent of smart phones and a dramatic boom in mobile application development that barely spans over the period of 5 years from now, mobile applications have now become a part of our daily lives. With every passing day we get to see advancements in mobile applications that we are using along with newer application coming up with newer features that are bound to leave us all in awe.

The mobile app user of today is learned and knows exactly what he/she wants from a mobile application if they are downloading it. Mobile application design companies and most importantly the app owners should have a clear idea of what their mobile application is going to offer to the user, because an app developed on a vague idea would certainly cause on good to the company who has launched it, more importantly brutally affecting the reputation made already.

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Over marketing, bad marketing:

You don’t really need to promise something that is not in line or probably out of the context of the mobile application. Quiet many times it is seen that mobile application owners tend to brag about their product’s value added benefits and if the product fail to deliver, it creates a really bad impression for the business itself and it loses customer’s trust.

Static app is not a good idea:

Developing and releasing mobile apps is not an easy task. Apps that win over customers and stay in competition are those who receive constant updates and upgrades. Regular updates for features and bug fixes will keep your customer interested in your app. If you choose to let your app go static, is likely you are forcing it into the dungeon of forgotten apps with hundreds of others like it.

Do not over stack the features:

Mobile apps most of the time are developed with so many features that they are not able to functions on their core properly. Too many functions are only going to confuse the user. One must concentrate on the core functionality of the app and should deliver it seamlessly.

App owners make the mistake of approaching mobile application development with the approach similar to that of web app development. The unique features of the application should be identified and developed according to the user’s requirements. Agile and feature rich development is obliged by the users only if the main function is not overlapped by other features.


5 New elements you should anticipate on your Facebook timeline shortly

To keep its user base and most importantly user engagement alive that will fuel the future development of the social network through paid advertisement campaigns and community building, Facebook is looking forward to introduce 5 new innovative features to your timelines, soon. Here is their first look for you:


  • Profile picture video
  • Temporary profile pictures
  • Pin featured photos to top of your profile
  • Adding visibility controls and About
  • Mobile centric new design

Let’s now read about each of the element in detail.

Profile picture video:

Very soon you will be able to upload a video instead of a profile picture. You can tap and record a video of up to 7 seconds with sound, however when playing (in loops) like a .gif file, the video will not play the sound until clicked. A static cover image (small thumb nail) you will select will appear everywhere else. The profile videos will look like the Harry Potter newspaper images, that used to suddenly come alive and are definite to bring in a lot of creativity and life to the social media user’s profiles.

Temporary profile pictures:

The official roll-out of the temporary profile picture option is set to happen soon. This option will let you select a profile picture for a specific period of time. For example, certain number of hours, days or weeks. After that it will automatically revert back to your original profile picture set at the time of setting this temporary picture. This feature will be useful for people who are promoting a cause, like in November 2015, people included an impression of the French flag in their profile pictures as part of supporting the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks.

Pin featured photos on top:

Another big feature that is setup to reach your Facebook time line soon is the featured photos that will appear pinned to the top of your timeline. This feature is designated to let you provide more pictorial information about you to people considering your friend request or whom you have just met and both of you are looking for more clues as to understand each other better by looking at your activities signified in the featured pictures. These featured photos could feature your pets, your after work activities, your family times together or whatever you might think can be essential and important to go into the pinned section.

Adding visibility controls and about:

Facebook is now adding controls in sequence with the ‘About’ information fields that will appear on the top of your profile. The information fields that are set on a public status will instantly appear right below your profile picture rather than remaining buried in the About section. You will also be able to describe yourself in a bio-field in up to 100 words. This personal bio will help people who want to connect with you by giving them a more personal insight about you, as long as you keep this section set at public.

Mobile centric new design:

Last but not the least in this current listing of new elements is the mobile centric design. Facebook is now thinking to roll out a lay out that is friendly to iphone and android app design. Instead of pinning the profile picture at left, it will be featured with a bigger size on the center of your mobile device screen. The main sections that will provide information about your friends and photos will be pinned directly below your profile picture and above the time line.

The mobile centric design is also a smarter way Facebook has used to align its business prospects with the user experience. The more people visit Facebook the more they would want to update about them on the social media, so, with the about section on the top it will get easier for the social media to target people who work in a “manufacturing” business located in “San Diego” for example. By pushing the illustrative areas of about you and your featured pictures, Facebook has given a chance to your friends and more importantly o the advertisers to know their prospects in a much better way than before.