How much does it really costs to build an app?

Everyone knows about the famous apps like Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Face Book, Whatsapp, Instagram and the list goes on. What people do not know that there are some really tiring days and nights behind a successful app developed and it takes a lot of courage, passion, enthusiasm and capital to build one. Normally an app owner does not know much about the reins of mobile app development, therefore if you are considering getting made an app for you, consider the following:

How do you find good developers?

The most pragmatic approach for finding good app developers is to check on the awards and distinctions they have won at different forums or have bagged ample press in technology related websites and/or blogs.


Another important factor that you should not miss out is the developer’s skill set. You will get a clear idea of their skills by looking at their app portfolio. If they have more experience on developing simplistic apps, then clearly they are not suitable for your complex app development.

Complete solution or partial development?

Out of 100, 60 app owners who are getting developed their apps from app developers tend to reach out to establish app development companies in the middle of their project. The problem where initially they are not aware of the complete app development process and got carried away with the promises their app developer made with them, but as the time passes they realize that the promises are nothing but zero. So in order to get their apps corrected and launched they come to professional app development companies.


New app owners must understand that creating a polished app is not an easy game. Only the most skilled and professional services are able to create an app for according to your requirements, otherwise your app will bound to land in trouble or lack functionalities. A professional app development service is much better to be hired because of their high skill set and app development techniques that they will bring to the table.

What should you look for in your development team?

If you are thinking that your app development team will only consist of a few developers you are absolutely wrong. There is a list of people involved in your app development process, starting off with user interface and app designers. A UX designer and an app designer can be the same person at any point or different, depends entirely on their skill set. Moving along there are app developers and lastly there are QA specialist that check your app thoroughly for any errors or bugs.

The non-development team will consist of account managers who are responsible for a successful execution of your app projects. The dilemma that many app owners face is the acquisition of the appropriate talent, which I admit is hard to find. But by taking a little bit of pain of researching on the internet, by reading reviews you are more likely to find an appropriate app developer company according to your choice.

What is the average cost of an app?

average_cost_for_appThe average cost of any app greatly depends on its functionalities and features. Simple apps that serve a specific purpose like that of a torch light or a calculator might cost you as low as $3000 and can go up to $100,000 depending on the scope, features and complexities. It also entirely depends on the pricing structure of your mobile app development company. Where freelance app developers are also present to take your project there can be implications that we have discussed earlier. It is usually suggested to go with a professional app development agency to get your app project made and chances are the output will be similar to what you requested.


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